Are you a Virtual Assistant or Online Services Provider who…

  • wants to increase your income-generating power…

  • stays on top of the latest in technology to better service clients

  • learns 2017 marketing strategies that won’t break the bank

  • makes the most out of your digital business by accessing valuable information and resources

  • is not afraid to step up and increase your smart business awareness

  • wants to meet and socialize with peers

This is Where Your Future Starts. Today!

Aspiring. Novice. Newbie. Veteran. Old Pro, it doesn’t matter, because OIVAC 2017 is providing VA industry and online business experts whose purpose is to help YOU grow YOUR business and take it wherever you want it to go.


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Why Attend OIVAC 2017?

Want more clients? Need to improve skills? Want to learn more to earn more. Nobody said it would be easy peasy. You could easily enroll in online courses. But, it’s better to learn from the “Been There Done That Group”. Tap into their knowledge, skills and abilities, because they’ve lived the life, learned the lessons and are willing to help make your journey easier and shorter.

What Makes OIVAC Different?

OIVAC 2017 celebrates 10 years of VA online conferences. As the grandmother of VA industry online events and being a VA since 1990, Sharon Williams has successfully run her business (The 24 Hour Secretary) and hosted, coordinated, contributed to and participated in VA-related events around the globe.

She has developed long-term as well as new relationships with industry leaders, experts, trainers, aspiring, novice and veteran VAs across borders and countries while promoting this nascent industry.

OIVAC is the event where VAs from around the globe gather to celebrate our industry’s growth and development.  In recognition of YOUR achievements, we host the annual International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD) celebration, and EVERYBODY’S INVITED! 

VAs promote their businesses through local PR and media campaigns, providing an opportunity to expand the reach and grow your business. It’s the mission and we plan for its continued success.

  • Guest Speakers, Expert Presenters, Hot Seats, IVAD Celebration, Live Streaming, Open Mic Networking & Much More!

  • Interactive connection between presenters and audience. Live and text chat capabilities. No limits.

  • Open networking available throughout entire convention. Go in, have a seat, grab a snack, relax and enjoy.

  • It’s affordable and worth it!

  • Three back-to-back days and nights of experts opening their knowledge vaults for you to dive right in and collect as many treasures as you can carry.

    …AND, if you’re in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Spain, South America, Canada, USA, wherever, it doesn’t matter. You’re all invited because we’re LIVE, and VIRTUAL, and this convention runs 16 hours each day.

So, come, join us, celebrate your industry and your business, and connect with peers while participating in a unique VA learning experience.








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