Special Activities

IVAD Celebration

On the third Friday of May in 2013, that’s May 17, the OIVAC recognizes the “spirit of the Virtual Assistants industry” and the contributions to our clients’ business growth and development by celebrating International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD). During this live and open to the public ceremony, the OIVAC honors two, outstanding VAs by awarding the Janet Jordan Achievement Award and the Thomas Leonard Virtual Assistants of Distinction Award. For more information about the celebration, click here.

The Great VA Giveaway

Celebrating one more year with the OIVAC’s Great VA Giveaway. This year’s 8th Great VA Giveaway offers participants even more free gifts to add to their growing stash of resources in exchange for their email address. So if you have a giveaway to donate and are eager to get new subscribers to your email and promotions list, click here for program details.

Global Virtual Assistants Week

During the week of Monday, May 12 through Saturday, May 18, 2013, Virtual Assistants from countries all over the world, in conjunction with the industry’s 8th annual Online Convention, will host the 3rd Annual Global Virtual Assistants Week, with activities sure to help you get your creative ideas going, and you are invited. VAs in several countries will host local on site and offline meet and greets, networking events, luncheons and business exchange meetings to connect with fellow VAs and business owners. Click here for details to find out how to get involved, and how you can attend events scheduled in your country.

This Year's Keynote Speaker - (to be announced)