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Where Your Future Begins. Today.

Just like we realize stages of growth and development, Virtual Assistants (and the world population in general) come in different shapes and sizes—short, tall, round, not-so-round, small, big—so, too, we recognize Virtual Assistants everywhere can be at different stages or levels with their businesses.

In view of these differences, this year the OIVAC wants attendees to know that this is “Where Your Future Begins. Today”.

For instance, continuing the theme, if you’re a “brand new” VA, like—

        • you’re still in the “thinking stages”, or
        • you already have a website, or
        • you have been doing some work for clients; or
        • you’re someone who’s been working in or on your “foundation” for say 1-3 years–

then OIVAC offers some foundational sessions, just for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve been a VA for a while,

  • your “footings and foundation” are already dug and the concrete poured;
  • you’ve finished your “framing” and put up the walls and roof;
  • your doors are open and are ready to add new rooms, amenities, and enhancements.

If that is you, you’ll want to be in line to get a front row seat in our veteran VA and business growth seminars.

Since no well-rounded education of a VA (no matter what his or her level of expertise) can be done with one or two single topics or tracks, we at the OIVAC have planned to help you to expand your “building model” for your business with Facebook Live, Twitter, and LinkedIn sessions as well as technology and privacy presentations, too.

Further, all attendees are welcome to sit in on any track they choose.

By popular demand, we’re also bringing back the Ask the Seasoned VAs Panels, as well as the Introduction to the VA Industry sessions.

Moreover, we continue to present ALL OIVAC sessions exclusively on the Internet, as “live” events. This means you can participate from a location that’s most convenient for you, whether that’s in your office, your home, your car, in the park or some underground tunnel; it’s anywhere you might put your laptop, set up your desktop computer, your mobile phone, or other hearing or viewing device.

It is our belief that as an attendee of the OIVAC’s 10th International Virtual Assistants Convention, you’ll leave the Convention with all the tools you need to set up and/or to continue to grow your business. If you are unable to attend the “Live” sessions, recordings will be available for paid attendees who choose this option.

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Creating Business Growth and Development with an OIVAC Foundation

It’s been proven that an online convention such as this is the latest convenience and costs savings. Attendees share easy access with minimal drain on the budget and have no travel/airport expenses. Nor are you faced with the hassle from the “airport feelers”. And since you have no hotel bills or other hidden expenses, you “arrive at” and leave the convention in a relaxed frame of mind. You’ll also not be faced with other travel worries like whether a gas station will be open when you’re ready to get out of town or when you’ll be able to find the next pit stop.

It’s really quite simple, really… in a setting like this, you’ll be able to interact with the “movers and shakers”; the “been there done that” of the VA industry and their entrepreneurial counterparts for all (or parts of) three days. So make it a point soon to claim access to our presenters and the information they’re ready to share with you.

We’re looking forward to watching you build your business from start to ongoing with our multitude assortment of tools and building blocks.

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