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Chat with a VA Industry Leader – Susan Mershon

Episode 3 – Ms. Susan Mershon

Susan Mershon chat and is a presenter at OIVAC 2017

Note:  Susan is a speaker at the upcoming OIVAC, scheduled Thursday, May 18-Saturday, May 20. Click here for the Tentative Schedule and take advantage of the Early Bird Special (ends April 30, 2017).


Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor™, mentors virtual assistants in building the business and life of their dreams. Through her technology training and business mentoring programs, she shares the roadmap she used to build her six-figure VA business after leaving a 20+ year corporate career.

She knows what it is like to struggle to go from employee to entrepreneur and has built The Techie Mentor™ to help make the transition easier. To date. she has taught over 3,000 Virtual Assistants & Business Owners how to find the freedom and flexibility they are looking for.


Just a Few of Susan’s Tips, Tricks, and Secrets:

Chat with a VA Industry Leader, Ms. Susan Mershon who shares Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and Strategies for developing and maintaining a professional and profitable Virtual Assistant business.

* Tip: Don’t let obstacles deter you.  Figure out how to go over, under, around, or move them. If you want success more than anything else, you can make it happen.

* Tip: Don’t develop a poverty mindset and think that a low-paying client is the only type that you’re ever going to get because that’s not how it works. If you take them, then you don’t have space for the better client.

* Tip: Have a contract.  If a client won’t sign a contract, it’s a red flag, because a contract is a protection for both parties. 

*Tip: Never tell a client that you can do something that you can’t.  Always be honest and ethical.

 * Secret: Belief in yourself. Add this statement on your vision board and read it daily.

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