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Demio Sponsors OIVAC

The OIVAC Steering Committee is proud to announce that is a sponsor of the 2017 convention.

Demio is a Smart Webinar Platform on a Simple Mission.

Being a remote based company ourselves, we know the importance of easily connecting with your team and audience. We truly look forward to working with the brilliant Virtual Assistants across the world who work with amazing companies and business owners.

The Demio platform was created to easily connect you with your audience faster, whether that is your client, prospects, or your client’s prospects and in doing so, we’ve removed the technical headache surrounding webinars.

Demio Benefits

Although simple, the Demio platform contains all the marketing automation needed to run your modern online business.

  • A frictionless experience for your attendees, easy set up for your business. You’ll be set up and live in 30 seconds.
  • One-click to Join After Registration
  • High-quality, low-latency video & audio streaming
  • Interactive, Engaging, and Distraction-Free
  • Powerful Marketing and Segmentation features with your CRMs and Auto Responders

We hope that we can serve your community well and become the go-to solution for smart webinars moving forward.

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