Managing & Maximizing Your Time

Many entrepreneurs are wasting so much time!

You’re spinning your wheels doing things that aren’t making you any money or bringing in any new clients.  You’re even doing some of the very things and marketing strategies that ‘they say’ should be working but yet they aren’t working for you.

Does this sound familiar?

You have so much potential and such a great message or product to share yet you’re not reaching enough people. This is a shame.

Most of the time however this can be fixed pretty easily by watching how you manage your time better.  After all, when you free up some of your time by delegating, automating or systematizing that allows you more time for sales and marketing activities and that’s what brings in new customers and clients!

Many big gurus talk about time management all the time but they talk about the what and why and not really the HOW, the nitty gritty tasks and details of what you should be doing instead.

So here’s the real scoop on how to get more done and how to bring in many more qualified new leads every month into your business.

5 Steps to Managing Your Time Better So You Can Have More Time to Really Focus on Sales and Marketing:

1.  Calendarize Your Life for More Structure

  • Plot fun, vacations, family time and self care into your calendar first
  • Put blocks of time into your days so you can focus on specific projects and tasks
  • Schedule key networking events (local and not) into your calendar next
  • Then schedule clients and business calls or appointments

2.  Organize Your Emails, Paperwork and Files

  • Funnel emails by type or category into folders in your inbox (especially newsletters)
  • Save files, documents, emails for specific projects or clients into folders on your desktop to store, purge files over a year onto a CD to free up storage space
  • Only print what really needs to be printed for serving clients, accounting or other
  • If you must save old client paper files, put them in a box in your garage or office closet but purge them after a year at most

3.  Track and Analyze Your Time and To Dos

  • Keep track of everything you do for business and personal every day 24/7 for a week at least
  • Sort tasks that you do that you don’t like to do, don’t want to do or don’t do well and find someone to outsource them to
  • Do this activity once every 6 months as more things will come up you can pass of.

4.  Hire Help

  • Hire home help for yardwork, housekeeping, running errands, laundry, nanny, shopping, paying bills, cooking meals and more to free up your time for money-making activities
  • Hire assistants for things in the above list that you aren’t good at, don’t like to do or just aren’t getting done that need to get done (like your marketing!)

5.  Systematize Social Media and Follow Up

  • Develop or learn a system on how to reach 250 or more new people every week on social media, interacting with them, not just blasting information to them
  • Develop or model after templates that can speed up your connecting online

Implementing these simple steps can make a big impact on the productivity and profitability of your business.  You’ll also find that you have time for a more enjoyable lifestyle.


Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker and International JumpStart Your Biz Coach who’s helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues and their personal life. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching and do-it-yourself business-building products. She’s been featured on various news talk shows and radio shows including Oprah and Friends XM Radio. Go online now to get started with her Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit and other free gifts at!

10 Ways to Get More Energy

Does your energy fluctuate over the course of the day – not a simply up and down, but a wild and massive high and low?

Do you drink lots of tea, coffee, energy drinks and wish you didn’t drink that many?

Do you get exhausted just turning up to work?

Well it is time for more sustainable energy in your life. It is easy to get a boost from an energy drink but with the artificial up comes a matching down afterwards. Having some healthy work habits will keep you on track and with more than enough energy for the days.

Here are 10 ways to build more energy in your day:

  1. Have a focus - A lack of focus can lead to discontent. What is your focus for 2010? An overseas holiday, a new job or maybe further education?
  2.  Daily Action - Once you have a focus, what can you do each day to move closer to your goal? It doesn’t have to be a huge thing but you must have DAILY action.
  3. Ask for help - It is too hard to do everything yourself- so get help. Turn to family, friends, a mentor group or a professional.
  4. Let go of past experience - Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t quite do it last time, this time it’s different. Acknowledge the past but you don’t have to repeat it.
  5. Take responsibility - Spiderman’s uncle told him, “With great power comes great responsibility”. The reverse is also true. “Great responsibility gives great power”. Take responsibility for your situation and your actions.
  6. Look at what you can do, not what you can’t - Focus on the things you can do as they will lead to results.
  7. Have a quarterly or monthly check point - You need to check you are on track. Have a check up each month or quarter to see how you are going, otherwise, how will you know if you need to do make adjustments?
  8. Drink Plenty of water - Don’t forget the basics. Look after your body because you only get one. The best thing is drink plenty of water.
  9. Exercise - Exercise helps you deal with stress and gets you out in the fresh . Plus it’s good for your body!
  10. Laugh - Life is no where near as serious as you may think. Laugh and enjoy the journey

Your high energy, results focused, action oriented, no holds barred tour de force keynote speaker, MC and Trade Show Guru – The Get More Guy Warwick Merry ensures your attendees Get More from your event.
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Could You Create the Freedom in Your Business to Work from Anywhere in the World?

The promise of freedom in work and flexibility at home is enough to lure many of us into self-employment.

But look ahead a couple of years; more and more small business owners are finding they have simply exchanged the restrictions of ‘the cubicle’ for self imposed constraints.

So how can we make sure that working for ourselves lives up to our expectations?

An important principle, whether you are starting out or have a few years under your belt, is to very clear what you are looking for. Surprisingly few business owners can define exactly what they want their life to look like in 12 months, 3 or even 5 years.

At Love Play Work we’ve always been very clear that the ‘why’ that drives us to strive for growing success is our love of travelling. We are willing to work hard because it allows us to play hard. We spend about 6 months of every year living and exploring in amazing countries around the world. And the best part is, we can still run our business from wherever we are.

So how is it possible to merge ‘vacation’ and ‘work’ in a way which creates a successful business and awesome lifestyle?

Just about the biggest influence lies with your mindset. If you are willing to accept that it is possible for you (and not just something other people can do) then the actions you will take will be very different from those taken by people preoccupied with ‘I can’t’. Even if you aren’t sure how to make it happen it doesn’t matter. Just accept the possibility; this opens the door for the solutions show up.

The many business owners we have met while travelling all have their own unique version of ‘location independence.’ Some people move from place to place regularly; some find one exotic location and settle for a while; others choose to work remotely for 6 weeks every summer, others still may prefer to run to the sun as soon as the seasons change. The point is, you need to figure out what works for you. When you have your vision clear in your mind, the freedom to work and travel will be within your grasp. Technology, low cost travel, advanced business tools and communication devices all put this lifestyle within easy reach. All you need to do is make up your mind whether you are prepared to take advantage of them.

Hannah and Chris combine running a 6 figure business with travelling to far flung places around the world. In addition to providing professional consultancy and online services they have inspired numerous freelancers, VAs and entrepreneurs to experience ‘business from the beach’ themselves. They are passionate about exploring whilst growing businesses, and love to mentor people excited about doing the same. You can find Hannah & Chris at where you can sign up to receive picture postcards from their travels to inspire your own!

Break-It-Down Series Seminars at OIVAC 2012

Contact: Sharon Williams
Phone: (410) 521-7001

The Alliance for Virtual Businesses (A4VB) introduces the first ever “Break-It-Down Series” seminars, bringing together subject matter experts that, over a 2 or 3 hour period, break a topic into bite size segments. These aren’t your normal one-hour overview seminars that skim a topic and leave participants seeking much more… Instead, attendees leave the webinar with a thorough understanding of the tool, technology, service or process that will help them adapt, grow business and increase profits.

The 7th Annual Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) is proud to present eight such Break-It-Down Series sessions hosted by extremely talented and knowledgeable Virtual Assistant facilitators:

Donna Toothaker is presenting her widely acclaimed “Learn to Work in the Value-Based Business Model and Stop Trading Hours for Dollars” in a 3-hour “Break-It-Down Series” session. Join Donna, and learn how to “move out of the dollars-for-hours model and in to working in a model that allows you to make money from your value (experience, expertise, etc.), not just time.”

Jo Saunders presents a 2-hour “Break-It-Down Series” session, entitled “LinkedIn Leverage for VAs”, where attendees have a chance to learn how to leverage LinkedIn and other social media tools like Facebook, to market your events, get brand exposure, grow your business and increase profits.

Cindy Greenway of Hot Skills VA Training hosts a 3-hour “Break-It-Down Series” session, entitled “Everything You Need to Get Great Clients – From Scratch”. During the session, attendees will learn: (a) how to select your target market, (b) the key details you must know about your target market, (c) how to confidently communicate with your target market and attract their attention, and (d) the key foundational items you must have in place to leverage your marketing efforts. At the end of this session attendees will know how to stand out and be seen and respected as the go-to VA for business owners.

Sit in with Linda Anderson as she presents “Intro to Send Out Cards” in a 2-hr “Break-It-Down Series” session. During this session, participants learn another way to market their business and/or produce an additional income. They’ll also discover how you can add these skills to the services currently offered.

Sharon Williams of The 24 Hour Secretary hosts a 3-hour “Creating an Authentic Business Plan that Represents You “Break-It-Down Series” session intended to help attendees become clear, critical and focused about their plans and develops an operating tool to manage the business, enabling them to achieve greater success.

Sharon Broughton of The Techie VA shares her expertise in a 2-hour “Break-It-Down Series” session, Learn How Infusionsoft Can Help You Grow Your VA Business. Attendees also discover the many ways Infusionsoft outperforms 1ShoppingCart! Also included in the session is an overview of the system, terminology explained, and resources to learn more about Infusionsoft.

Tina Hilton and Pam Sargant of Delaney Imaging share tips and tricks about WordPress: An Overview, Plugins and Graphics, during a 2-hour “Break-It-Down-Series session. Areas covered include recommending what plugins to use and the advisability of backing up a WordPress site. They’ll also share information about WP themes and tips for using graphics and images on a WordPress site.

Sharon Williams leads a 2-hour “Break-It-Down Series” session on Attracting New Business on a Shoestring Budget. Promoting a business is an ongoing challenge and during this seminar participants will learn methods to increase brand awareness and strategies to connect with potential customers looking to purchase their services.

For more information and to register, visit: or contact

OIVAC 2012 Pre-Convention Spotlight

Virtual Assistants from around the globe connect, virtually, for networking, training, mentoring, and workshops over 3 days and 40+ hours.

Understand & Maximize Your Brain for Performance

Jo Saunders interviews OIVAC 2012 presenter Diana Pettie regarding scheduled presentation “Understand & Maximize Your Brain for Performance”, during which Ms. Pettie will share ways to increase ability to make choices, think clearer and improve productivity.

Leading Your Way to Great Clients, a Great Team & a Great You

Jo Saunders interviews Kyna Baker regarding her upcoming presentation at OIVAC 2012, on virtual assistants developing leadership skills and how these traits assist in gaining confidence and the ability to interact with business clients.

Everything You Need to Get Great Clients – From Scratch

Francis van Wyk interviews Cindy Greenway on reasons to attend Virtual Assistant Convention, May 17-19, 2012, and her 3 hour workshop on Everything You Need to Get Great Clients – From Scratch.

LinkedIn Strategies for Business Success

by Janet Slack

LinkedIn is like an always-accessible online resume. Unlike a resume, however, it can also help you meet new professional contacts, impress potential clients and reconnect with former co-workers. Learning to use LinkedIn intelligently can help propel your business career to the next level.

Here are four strategies to help you make the most of LinkedIn.

1. Ask for Recommendations Often

Most people only have a couple recommendations. That’s why if someone opens up your profile and sees twenty recommendations, they’re automatically going to assume that there’s something special about you or your skill set.

Getting recommendations isn’t difficult. Anyone who’s on LinkedIn can write a recommendation for you. Whether it’s co-workers or employers, business partners or past clients, make it a point to ask for recommendations from everyone.

It’s like having twenty letters of recommendations attached to a resume.

2. Go through Your Past Contacts and Add Them

A lot of people don’t make full use of LinkedIn because they haven’t added their past contacts. People from past jobs, past employers, past partners (even from years and years ago) may have valuable contacts that you can meet in the present.

Go through your old phone books, old phones, old email addresses and look for people you might have forgotten to add.

3. Update Your Profile Regularly

Not everyone uses LinkedIn every day. Some people only use LinkedIn when they’re looking for a job. Others only use it when they’re looking to hire, or looking to find new clients.

During “off” periods, a lot of people let their LinkedIn profile stagnate. They forget to ask for recommendations, forget to add new contacts and forget to add new workplaces.

Unfortunately, anyone you meet could look you up on LinkedIn at anytime. If they see an old profile, they’ll likely think you’re less connected, less skilled or less experienced than you actually are.

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Even if you aren’t using it at this particular moment, make it a point to update it at least monthly. Remember: it’s a publicly visible resume.

4. Search for New Contacts

LinkedIn allows you to search for contacts that are two degrees of separation away. In other words, if your friend Judy knows Jane, who knows Mark, and you want to get to know Mark, that can come up in a search.

You may be more connected than you realize. Potential mentors, investors, clients and employers could just be one or two degrees of separation away.

Get in the habit of searching for people who could help you in your career. Ask people you know, who know people you want to know, for referrals and recommendations.

These are a few LinkedIn strategies you can use to really take your networking and business contacts to the next level. Spruce up your LinkedIn page with recommendations, add past contacts, update your profile regularly and use the search feature to find people who could help you advance your career.

If you want additional tips for making your LinkedIn profile better, join the Social Media Newsflash today!

About Janet Slack
Janet is a Professional Certified Coach, well-known author, speaker and blogger on topics related to running a successful small business. She has mentored, coached and supported hundreds of others as they started or grew their own small businesses. Her passion is coaching people to succeed in life through seeking fun, challenges and rewards whether they are small business owners, women in transition or even those conquering fear and learning to find joy. Her first book, Mind Your Own Biz, is a guide to starting and developing a coaching business. Janet is a coauthor of How the Fierce Handle Fear.

Help Your Computer Live Longer

According to Wikipedia the practice of keeping a computer in good repair is called, “Computer Maintenance” .

There are varying degrees of maintenance carried out by the computing fraternity, whether professionals or amateurs. However, regardless of the type of user, the outcome of neglect is the same … deterioration in performance and eventual failure of one part or another. For the professional, who uses their computer to earn a living, failure could be disastrous.

A new computer can dazzle you with its rapid response to your keyboard and mouse, but gradually there is an almost imperceptible slowing in response until it reaches the stage where you are tearing your hair and threatening mayhem. Perhaps, had you established a scheduled preventive maintenance program all this grief and loss of productivity could have been avoided.

The most common reason for slowing in function is deterioration in performance of the hard drive.

•  Disk fragmented? Run Windows Disk Defragmenter – monthly.
•  Hard disk errors? Run “chkdsk.exe” – weekly.
•  Too many unwanted files, including temporary files? Run Disk Cleanup – weekly.

Back up all of your essential files on a regular basis. Loss of data, particularly client data, can lead to litigation. Use a “setup and forget” backup system using an eternal hard drive (retained in a separate location from the PC), and / or a “cloud” storage application.

Dust is one of your computer’s worst enemies. It accumulates in the cooling vents and filters and in particular on the cooling fins of the CPU. Raised temperatures due to this accumulation lead to component damage and eventual PC failure.

Always ensure that you have the latest security updates installed. Set your PC to load them automatically and then give you the option as to when to install them. Don’t leave that part too long.

Terence Kierans CAVB (Certified Australian Virtual Business)
Principal, Cyberspace Virtual Services - Experience the Difference
PO Box 93 Quinns Rocks, Western Australia 6030