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Chat with a VA Industry Leader – Susan Mershon

Episode 3 – Ms. Susan Mershon Note:  Susan is a speaker at the upcoming OIVAC, scheduled Thursday, May 18-Saturday, May 20. Click here for the Tentative Schedule and take advantage of the Early Bird Special (ends April 30, 2017). Bio: Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor™, mentors virtual assistants in building the business and life of their dreams. […]

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Where Your Future Begins. Today.

Just like we realize stages of growth and development, Virtual Assistants (and the world population in general) come in different shapes and sizes—short, tall, round, not-so-round, small, big—so, too, we recognize Virtual Assistants everywhere can be at different stages or levels with their businesses. In view of these differences, this year the OIVAC wants attendees to […]

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My Passion for Industry Conventions and Conferences

Just because. Virtual Assistants are working from an office in their homes, somewhat situated away from other humans, connected only by a computer, the Internet, a telephone, a fax and maybe “colleagues” in forums or mastermind groups. Circumstances like these are surely enough reason for encouraging an online entrepreneur to seek out and to attend […]


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