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[Intro to] Thinking Like A Multi-VA Company

May 18, 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Tammy Durden, Lisa Kolb, Nanette Thelemaque

[Intro to] Thinking Like A Multi-VA Company

Are you always sub-contracting your work and wonder if you should make it part of your business model?  Perhaps you are a solopreneur VA and have thought about the idea of building a Team of VAs.  Well, join VA to VA, to discuss this and more. We will go over what it takes to be a Multi-VA Company, How to Build Your Team and More.
VA to VA is made up of a three member panel, all who own Multi-VA Companies themselves.  Tammy S. Durden is owner of Tammy’s Office Solutions, Lisa Kolb of Augusta Virtual Assistants and Nanette Thelemaque of InEssence Virtual Assistance.  This panel has been producing monthly LIVE Mastermind videos for over three years to help those who want to go from Solo-VA to become a Multi-VA Company Owner.