Organization: Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC)

Founded: 2006, Randallstown, Maryland, USA

Headquarters: Randallstown, Maryland, USA

Structure: American owned; Privately held

Officer: Sharon Williams, Chairperson and Founder


Collaborative group of international Virtual Assistants and Virtual Assistant organization representatives.


OIVAC: Annual international convention offering education, networking, training, partnering and intra-industry activities between successful VAs, industry member organizations, and businesses wishing to connect with the VA community.

IVAD: Designated the third Friday of May, annually, Virtual Assistants celebrate International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD) and the Virtual Assistant Creed: Dedication, Experience, Expertise and Determination to Succeed of professionals providing administrative and other business support services, virtually. (DEEDS). The 6th celebration will be conducted on Friday, May 20, 2011, during the Online International VA Convention. Two industry awards will be presented: Thomas Leonard International Virtual Assistant of Distinction award, honoring a VA who has contributed to the industry and provides a positive impact; and the Janet Jordan Achievement Award, presented to a VA who has reached a milestone in their short career.


The OIVAC’s mission is to provide educational, training, promotional and intra-industry communication opportunities amongst the Virtual Assistant industry; to promote the IVAD, and to increase awareness about the benefits of working with a virtual assist throughout the worldwide business community.

Story Ideas for Journalists

If you’d like to interview Sharon Williams, please contact her at (410) 521-7001 or send a fax to (410) 521-9742 or email here at OIVAC. Here are some possible story angles:

25,000+ Virtual Assistants Will Observe International Virtual Assistants Day: May 20, 2011

If you had told OIVAC founder, Sharon Williams, a decade ago that the Virtual Assistant industry, one she’s been working diligently to promote, would have its own day of recognition she would probably not have believed it.  Williams is a virtual assistant, and a leader of the campaign to recognize Virtual Assistants worldwide. On May 20, 2011, global virtual professionals will observe the 6th annual International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD). They will celebrate their craft, and honor industry leaders and up and coming virtual professionals who walk the pathways to successful VA practices.

A New Decade…A New Way to Work: Virtual Professionals are the Future for Small Businesses Seeking Effective, Reliable Outsourced Support

As we enter a new decade, the rise in small and home-based businesses turning to outsourcing options, like the partnership of a Virtual Assistant, is continuing to rise.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs now achieve success by working with the leading suppliers of services – Virtual Assistants – administrative, graphic design, marketing, internet research, and transcription service providers, without worrying about overhead, benefits and office equipment or technology expenses.  While many VA’s are American, the ranks have increased exponentially to include a large contingent of international virtual professionals. With the advent of new internet technologies an entrepreneur’s assistant can be located anywhere in the world. On May 19 – 21, 2011, VA’s will showcase their talents and skills and participate in training and networking during an online, “live” interactive, international convention. No admission fee will be charged for entrance to exhibitor halls and they will be available 24/7 for 45 days.  Members of the VA industry and vendors will showcase their services and products and describe why these new partnerships are leading us into a new decade… a new way to work.

Eliminate the Taboo: Home-based Virtual Assistants, Most Valuable Asset in the Modern Office

It’s no longer taboo to hire home-based virtual professionals. Virtual assistants prove that as highly-skilled, well-trained, mobile independent professionals they overcome apprehension, distance and time differences to complete projects and handle many business functions for clients. VA’s are experienced administrative, creative and office support personnel turned business owners working from their home offices (and some from offices outside the home). Usually self-contained, often certified, and involved in their communities VA’s come from established careers in a variety of different industries including event planning, marketing, accounting, legal, entertainment and real estate. These factors, along with reduced overhead and wider acceptance, now make outsourcing to a professional VA an attractive alternative. An upcoming international industry convention, the OIVAC, (www.OIVAC.com) will showcase the expertise, training and professional growth of more than 25,000 home-based virtual professionals.

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