It wasn’t long ago that a lot of us moved our clocks forward, as “Daylight Saving Time” kicked in; we now “gain another hour of daylight” in the evening. That was “our national special” for late spring/summer and into early fall!

Some of you around the world, though, might not have the opportunity to “gain” such an hour, so we have something for you that’s even better because it “hits you in your pocketbook or wallet”.

At the present time, the OIVAC which takes place this year from May 17-19, is running a St. Patrick’s Day Special Event price for anyone who registers between March 16 and March 24.

Register NOW, between March 16 and March 24, and pay as follows:

5 seminar package – $159.00

Full Attendance (no recordings) – $189.00

Full Attendance (with recordings) – $239.00

Here’s how it works: by purchasing your ticket now, using these St. Patrick’s Day prices, you will save as much as $50.00 and $70.00, respectively, from what you will pay IF you register at full price.  Specifically, if you wait to register until the last of our Specials has expired in May, you will be out an additional $20.00 or $40.00, depending upon the Full Attendance option you choose. That’s $20.00 or $40.00 you could use for your favorite Starbuck’s Latte or an extra or two gallons of gas (today’s pump prices keep rising), or a mini-night on the town with your significant other.

Besides the usual killer features and events for which the OIVAC is already known, such as:

  • the IVAD Celebration,
  • the VA Hot Seat,
  • the Seasoned VA Panel, and
  • more than 30 presenters on a variety of the latest in cutting-edge topics…

we have a sneak peek at what you get for your “St. Patrick’s Day Special” $$$ outlay!

8 Break-It-Down, Take Action Now, 2 and 3 hour training sessions, such as:

  • Learn to Work in the Value-Based Business Model and Stop Trading Hours for Dollars, led by Donna Toothaker – 3 hours
  • Everything You Need to Get Great Clients – From Scratch, led by Cindy Greenway – 3 hours
  • Creating an Authentic Business Plan that Represents You, led by Sharon Williams – 3 hours
  • Learn How Infusionsoft Can Help You Grow Your VA Business,  led by Sharon Broughton – 2 hours
  • Attracting New Business on a Shoestring Budget, led by Sharon Williams – 2 hours
  • Intro to Send Out Cards, led by Linda Anderson – 2 hours
  • WordPress:  An Overview, Plugins and Graphics, led by Tina Hilton and Pam Sargant – 2 hours
  • LinkedIn Leverage for VAs, led by Jo Saunders – 2 hours

Register Now

And if you register using our “special” entry fee, your savings is that much sweeter.  Join now, and (to name a few) learn from:

  • Carmen MacDougall: Learn How to Turn Around Your VA Business to Become a Confident and Sought After VA
  • Charly Leetham – SEO, Site Rankings and How You Can grow Your Business
  • Erin Blaskie – How to Use Passive Revenue (Non-Time-for-Money-Income!) to Diversify Your VA Business
  • Dawn Jensen – Social Media Branding: Creating Platforms, Influence & Profits with Social Media

And then, as they say, there’s a whole lot more you’ll have access to once you register for OIVAC’s May 17-19 Convention.

So get out your charge card or PayPal information now, as Leap Year Special tickets are going fast.

We will also be offering special event pricing” in

  • April (April Fool’s Day) and
  • May (Pre-Mother’s Day)

BUT, you will not see prices as low as these St. Patrick’s Day Specials, once this offer is gone.

So if you’re gonna do it, you oughta do it now!  And make your savings that much more worthwhile!

Of particular note:  this St. Patrick’s Day Special event pricing begins Friday, March 16, and expires at midnight on Saturday, March 24 (US, EST)

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