Title: The Top 5 Ways to Get (and keep!) More Clients for Your VA Business - Presenter: Susan Baroncini-Moe - Tracks 1, 2

I’ve interviewed hundreds of virtual assistants over the years, hiring them for my businesses and those of my clients. I’ve seen it all and I know what gets clients excited—and turns them off. In this presentation, you’ll discover five things that you can do right now to get the right clients lining up at your door, so that you’ll avoid the lulls in your business forever. Drawing material from my book, Business in Blue Jeans, I’ll show how to get out of your own way and build a solid business that makes you happy and delights your clients.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Participants will learn:

  • How to get out of their own way as they grow their business.
  • How to work only with clients they really enjoy
  • How to make sure their branding is right for those client
  • How to "lean into" their marketing so that they draw in their ideal clients and then delight them.
  • How to build a "village" of people who support and encourage you and your business.

Resource: First 60 pages of Business in Blue Jeans.


Title: How to SuperCharge Your Business Results - Presenter: Melanie Benson Strick - Track 2

Is your business growing fast—but you are working 60+ hours a week trying to keep up with a never ending list of tasks? Do you find yourself overwhelmed – wishing you could take time away to just enjoy the fruits of your labor-- but you don’t know how to get off the treadmill to find some peace of mind? Are you locked in a perpetual cycle of busyness with low payoff activities that never seems to deliver big results?

There is a secret to generating big results without working harder or longer hours – or even investing in costly teams that require you to manage them. Melanie demystifies the often misunderstood relationship between your work ethic, your mindset and your success and reveals an easy, yet powerful approach, to super-charge your results in 90 days with OPS – Optimum Performance Strategies!

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: The presentation will cover:

  • Three enemies of optimum performance (if you have even ONE of these lurking in your business your profits are leaking faster than you can say HELP.)
  • The cost of focusing on the too many of the wrong strategies (and how to know which strategies, opportunities and ideas are “optimum” for exponential results.)
  • Three of the most impactful tweaks you can make to your current business that commonly lead to six figure boosts in your bottom line.
  • What every thriving six and seven figure entrepreneur who is enjoying a real lifestyle while generating consistent predictable income does differently than everyone else

Resource: TBA


Title: Art of Selling - Sales for Non Sales People - Track 1  - and Social Media - No Longer a 'Nice to Have' - A Case Study - Track 3 - Presenter: Lucy Brazier

There is a real art to selling properly - the art of selling so consultatively that the client won't even know they're  been sold to until they've signed on the dotted line.

This seminar will take you through the seven steps of the sale that lead your buyer through the thought processes that they need to visit in order to make a decision to buy without feeling harassed or pushed into it. Learn how to make your client buy your services and feel entirely happy with the decision.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Learn intelligent selling for people who hate selling but love doing business.

Resources: TBA


Title:  Getting Email Done  Presenter: Andrea Cannavina - Tracks 1 and 2

We are all bombarded with so much information – in our mail, on the phone, through the computer and texting to our cell phones. Rather than making our lives easier and less stressful, technology appears to be making the battle of information overload that much harder to win. Buzzes, flashes, dings and rings … the digital never stops! Pile on the paper that crosses through your world every day and no wonder most people feel completely overwhelmed. Seems like everyone likes to spend a lot of time talking about being organized and not enough time explaining “how” to get organized. Not this time! No special software, no special training. Just the D-A-F-T™ principles put you in control of the emails, information, files and documents that cross your desk each day.

Resource: D.A.F.T.™


Title: Getting Started With WordPress: The 5 Essential Ingredients- Presenter: Ben Cope - Track 1, 2, 3

If you are just getting started with WordPress this presentation will help you to avoid the most common pitfalls. Discover the benefits of using WordPress and learn how to choose the right theme, as well as what plugins you should install on every website. This presentation will also include lots of helpful tips and tricks for using WordPress more effectively.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Learn how to use WordPress more effectively.



Title: The 12 Step Internet Marketing Formula  - Presenter: Jennifer Goodwin - Tracks 1, 2, 3

Get underwhelmed by the internet marketing options available to owners and entrepreneurs. I will explain the correct process (in 12 steps) to getting your internet marketing going and on the right track.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: A clear understanding of the exact internet marketing formula for successful conversions: (a) Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis (b) Website Architecture Using an SEO Wireframe (c) On-Site SEO (d) Getting your site Indexed, Submitted to Directories (e) Blogging and Pay Per Click (f) Email Marketing (g) Social Media (h) Backlinking (i) Press Releases & Awards, Editorial Calendars (j) Shopping Carts & Products (k) Affiliate Marketing (l) Analytics

Resource: A copy of the 12 phase internet marketing formula DIY ebook from Keyword Research to Analytics


Title:How to Leverage Pinterest for Business- Presenter: Denise Griffitts - Track 1, 2, 3

Pinterest is now the 4th largest referral traffic source worldwide, bringing in more than 23 million unique visitors each month. Savvy marketers understand the power of Pinterest for business, and companies of all sizes are launching creative Pinterest campaigns.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Participants will learn:

  • How to Get Started with Pinterest
  •  How to Optimize your Profile for Maximum Visibility
  • Tips and Tricks for Building a Business Presence on Pinterest
  • How to Build a Pinterest Community and Drive Brand Engagement
  • How to Generate Consistent Targeted-Traffic

Resource: Step-by-Step Process Workbook


Title: Pricing for Profits - Presenters: Denise Griffitts - Track 2

How do you decide what to charge for your product or service? The specifics will be different for every business, but it comes down to one thing: VALUE. There are some clear guidelines you can follow that will place your rate at an optimal level for your focus area and market, helping you to increase profit and improve your practice.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits:

  • Too many small business owners are working far too hard and charging far too little for their product or service. In most cases, they have no idea what sets them apart from their competition. They don't know what they do better or what their competitors do better. And they are more afraid of losing a customer than they are focused on making sure that working with each client is PROFITABLE.

Resource: Worbook and 1 Free month access to Gotta Go Virtual Academy.


Title: Using Technology To Market Your Business - Presenter: Donna Hanson - Tracks 1, 2, 3

Regardless of the size of your business, technology is a tool that is here to stay.  Choosing to utilise it is a smart move, choosing to ignore it could leave you left behind or OUT OF BUSINESS.  Instead of trying to “Push” market to your clients have you tried “Pull” marketing?  Donna will show you how to promote your business using low to NO cost tools to drive prospects to your business and how to make it happen – even when you don’t know what to do.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Attendees will learn:

  • What you need to do and know to make sure technology doesn't leave you or your clients behind and out of business
  •  How using technology can make connecting with prospects and clients faster and easier - & how you can share that with clients.
  • How you can use technology to get clients and prospects banging on your doors to buy from you AND your clients
  • 6 ways you can use technology to market your business at low to NO COST
  • How to get the ball rolling when you don’t know where to start

Not only will participants be able to utilise these skills in their own businesses, but they can add value by sharing the information with their clients and helping them Use Technology to Market Their Businesses.

Resource: DIY Guide to Using Audio to Market Your Business. Part of our Using Technology to Market Your Business Toolkit.


Title: 7 Secrets of Successful Start-Ups - Presenter: Tina Marie Hilton - Tracks 1, 2

This presentation will teach seven things that will help start-up virtual assistant businesses create a solid foundation for success.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Attendees will learn:Participants will discover the importance of self-assessment, focusing on the right things when starting their businesses, why it's critical to base their rates on value not price and other important preparation items that will help them start strong and grow stronger.

Resource: The 7 Secrets Workbook which includes a 25% off coupon for Virtual Assistant Survival School.


Title: How to Attract New Clients and Generate Immediate Income with Speaking - Presenter: AmondaRose Igoe - Track 2

Whether you’re planning to utilize speaking to grow your business or are just getting started, it is essential that you learn how to utilize the power of speaking to skyrocket your business. Every successful business owners knows that speaking is a MUST HAVE skill to make it as a FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL business owner. You simply must master these important elements so that you can help more people while you create more clients and income at the same time.
Get ready to learn how to attract more clients and income. Say good-bye to what doesn’t work and say hello to RESULTS!

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: The # 1 step every business owner and entrepreneur needs to take create consistent income and eliminate dry spells
• Secret presentation strategies to maximize the way you interact with an audience so you can skyrocket your results in ALL speaking situations.
• Simple and effective ways to speak to the heart, mind and spirit of your audience so they are inspired and moved into action by the power of your message.
• Overcome the most common speaking roadblocks – whether you are brand new to speaking or have been speaking for years.
• Transform your understanding of what it means to be a “speaker” and how you can “unlock” it’s power so you create an endless supply of new clients

Resource: Speaking Blocks and Breakthrough Video and Audio Training including – “4 Irresistible Speaking Strategies to Breakthrough Your Income 'Ceiling' & Quickly Transform Your Business”


Title: Digital Marketing Toolbox - Presenter: Dawn Jensen - Track 3

Get updated on the latest Social Media and digital marketing platforms, resources, and tools to help support your clients and forward your business. Build your personal brand. Broaden your Social Business arsenal. Blaze a deeper digital trail.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Participants will be able to utilize and implement digital marketing tools and take actionable steps to help broaden their business, personal and professional brand.

Resources: Social Media Workbook: "Creating Social Content" PDF e-book format.


Title: Providing Virtual Book Tour Services for Your Author Clients - Presenter: D'vorah Lansky - Track 2

Today there are more people becoming published authors than ever before. For the most part, these authors are responsible for their own marketing. Virtual Book Tours are one of the most effective ways to market a book online. In this workshop you'll discover "Seven Virtual Book Tour Strategies That You Can Offer Your Clients!" Become their hero by helping them grow their reach and their book sales!

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Participants will learn how to:

  • Streamline an author blog
  • Help their clients line up tour hosts
  • Create a template for their clients' blog posts
  • Repurpose written content into audio
  • Repurpose audio and written content info video
  • Harness the power of the virtual book tour content
  • Develop a "cross-pollination" strategy for maximizing participation during a virtual book tour

Resource: Special Report: "7 Tips for Maximizing Your Own Blog Tour" - Plus a $100 discount coupon for the "Virtual Book Tour Specialist Program


Title: How to Thrive and Get Results from Networking - Presenter: Carmen MacDougall - Track 1 and 2

Are you lacking in opportunities from your networking, confidence is low, you feel nervous especially standing up for a pitch or hate selling? Caroline is going to share with you the following: (a) One of the most powerful ways to generate new business, (b) Connecting with the right people for referrals, (c) Increasing your income opportunities, (d) Building your confidence in presentation and networking skills, (e) Creating a team of people to support you in developing your business, (f) How to generate relationships...all from networking.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Attendees will leave with tools for a clear understanding on the following:
  • 9 common big mistakes to avoid your business from failing and instead the essential skills needed to start getting known, gaining more interest in your business as well as new clients.connections within a much wider circle
  • Skills needed to gain at least 3 new referrals from your next month's networking activity
  • Clear strategy to build quality
  • A clear understanding on what to say in your elevator pitch or discussions which can lead to income opportunities
  • How to describe what a VA is and what the benefits are in using one so people understand and therefore are more likely to spread the message about you (with examples that have worked!)
  • One new strategic partnership that will generate passive income for you in the future
Resource: 1st section of How to Thrive and Get Results from Networking Your VA Business and a 20% off Voucher for the e-course.


Title: What makes you unique? How to distinguish yourself from your competitors - Presenter: Stephanie Middleton-Foster - Tracks 1, 2

Practical and useful tips for new and established VAs on how to take your niche one step further and identify your 'category of one'. This presentation will encourage you to think deeply about your unique qualities in order to develop your brand and stand out from your competitors.

Presentation Objectives and Benefits: Participants will leave this presentation with an understanding of why developing their 'brand' is so important and with ideas for developing their unique category of one. They will understand why a niche offering is so important, and how offering something that no other VA offers will attract customers and give them the edge over their competitors.

Resource: PDF workbook to help with brainstorming your unique category of one. Also money off coupon for the VA Helpdesk from VA Professional Magazine.


Title: Social Media Disaster! Are you Killing Your Online Reputation? - Presenter: Lyn Prowse-Bishop - Track 1, 2

Social media gaffs and how VAs are hurting their reputation from their online behaviors.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Showing VAs how to protect their reputation but still use social media effectively to promote their services.

Resource: TBA


Title:  Be the Resource "Go To" Expert Using Mind Mapping and Sharing Using Social Media - Presenter:  Cindy Rack - Track 3

So, how do you get to be known as an expert in your field with the on-line community without consuming all of your time? This seminar's simple yet powerful mind mapping strategies allow you to:
• Quickly develop a visual strategy and schedule to share valuable information to your target audience on one page using Mind Mapping Techniques.
• Learn where to find the information within minutes if you are not a blogger.
• Little known tips to Share content  on Social Media

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Knowledge of how to create effective mind maps and where to find good valuable content to share via Social Media.

Resource: Mind Map of Facebook Business Page Strategies.


Title: Technology Makes Everything Possible - Presenter: Alicia Rittenhouse - Track 3

Alicia Rittenhouse will be busting the myths told to Virtual Assistants that keep them stuck. Learn the top technical skills you need for success in your business. It’s not hard! You will discover how to set up a website in one hour and create an online store that makes money 24/7. Hear Alicia’s inspiring story as she shares how technology made everything possible for you and her business.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Top tech skills needed for online business; Setting up up a website in an hour; Setting up an online store that will make them money 24/7

Resource: 15 Minutes Social Media Formula


Title:  5 Steps to Creating Business Video Without a Camera, Without the Overwhelm and Without Wasting Time - Presenter: Lynn Ruby - Track 3

Participants will learn the #1 Mistake Video Marketers Make and How to Avoid It, 5 Myths of YouTube Success, 5 Tools for Creating Video Without a Camera and the 5 Essential Steps of the Video Production Process.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Attendees will identify ways to get over the fear of creating video through a step by step process; including common video marketing, MISTAKES and how to avoid them, The BEST methods for making a video, with or WITHOUT being on camera! and, The 5 things you MUST do to
make your videos great!

Resource: The Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing: How to Get Started Without Even Being on Camera


Title: LinkedIn Leverage: How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Network and be Sought After - Presenter: Jo Saunders - Track 3

Are you struggling to see the real value of LinkedIn, don’t understand how to use it or just think it’s plain boring? Are you wondering if it is really relevant in your business? The LinkedIn Basics session will help you answer those questions and much more. Jo Saunders will help you develop an understanding of how you can use LinkedIn to grow your business.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: From the session you will learn:

  • Why LinkedIn is crucial for very business
  • How you can create a profile to get found
  • How to use it and manage it.

Resource: The LinkedIn Workbook


Title: Subcontracting The Win-Win Situation - Presenter:  Collette Schultz - Track 1

Subcontracting is a win-win situation for those of you just getting started online and will help other service providers gain more clients. Focusing in on specific skills is all you need to get started on the road to success.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Use subcontracting to identify specific skills to make you stand out from other VAs.

Resource: Receive a subcontractor interview to be posted on my website that will gain exposure to service providers across the globe.


Title: Exploring the Global Village and Its Impact - Presenter: Rosie Shilo - Tracks 1 and 2

An open and frank discussion about the impact of our greatest asset – working online. We explore how being virtual allows us to provide exceptional services from our chosen location, and how that means we are now competing with virtual assistants worldwide instead of just locally. We look at what you can do to educate your clients about what makes you the ideal VA for them, and how you too can benefit from the global village.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: An opportunity to brainstorm ways to better utilise the global village.

Giveaway: Ebook  relating to the topic of global competition.


Title: How to Setup and Maintain Your Bookkeeping Records - Presenter: Kylie Short - Track 1

Bookkeeping is a task you either love or hate but it's also a task that is extremely important to ensure the success of your business. To make better business decisions you need accurate data that only comes from your bookkeeping records. Learn some simple easy tips on how to set up and maintain your bookkeeping system and how to use the data and reports to make those all important decisions.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: An overview of the different online bookkeeping software packages, basics in how to set up the software. How to enter transactions? What are bank feeds? How integrating time keeping and invoicing can make life much easier? What are some of the reports you can print out and how to read them

Giveaway: 2 hours free training in the system of their choice, one-on-one


Title:  Twitter 101 - Presenter: Raquel Strella - Track 1, 3

Words like re-tweet, hashtag, and DM may sound like a foreign language, but don’t let a lack of understanding keep you from utilizing this powerful medium. In fact, once you learn Twitter’s basic terminology, you may find it not only easy to use, but also instrumental in meeting your business goals.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Attendees will learn:

  • Common Twitter terms and their usage
  • Strategies for attracting followers
  • How to create powerful messages in just 140-characters
  • Applications that make Twitter easier to manage
  • How you can use Twitter to grow your business

Resource: 84-page PDF/guide, "A Small Business Owner's Guide to Social Media."


Title: Build Relationships Online & Offline / Expand your Business while growing your team - Presenter: Hazel Theocharous - Track 1, 2

Online and Offline networking is a crucial part to any business from startups right through to existing larger businesses. Find out how to secure clients and build relationships and Imagine building your team and growing your business at the same time. Sounds difficult? Well it may sound difficult, but in reality it is easy. Let me tell you how.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: During the Building Relationships seminar attendees will learn how to connect, network and then ultimately grow their business.

Giveaway: E-Book on Networking and building crucial relationships and an E-Book : Business Expansion - growing business and your team


Title: Using LinkedIn to build your profile - Presenter: Kathie Thomas - Track 3

Presentation Description: LinkedIn is a tool to be used not socially but for business. Kathie has spoken at webinars and conferences on the use of LinkedIn as a connecting tool.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits:  Participants will learn tips about how to better use their LinkedIn profile and account, to increase their exposure in business.

Resource: TBA


Title: Learn to Work in the Value-Based Business Model and Stop Trading Hours for Dollars - Presenter: Donna Toothaker - Track 1, 2

Are you nervous to raise your rates? Are you tired of tracking every minute of client work? Most importantly, are you tired of trading hours for dollars, and not getting paid for your true value and worth? Learn how (and why!) to create service and support packages for clients. Moving to the "package model" in your business will allow you to charge what you’re worth, service clients in a bigger and better way, and create a client list of raving fans. Learn the strategies and tools to create (and price!) packages that make sense for your business… and for your clients! You’ll learn the different types of packages, what to include in your packages, how to overcome any possible client/prospect objections and you’ll learn the strategies that you can implement immediately to begin moving out of the hourly model and into the package model. You’ll learn all the tips, tricks and techniques for creating a successful and "value based" business. And you’ll get step-by-step action items to complete during the session. Stop selling your time and learn how to sell your true value, worth and outcome that working with you has for your clients.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: The audience will learn all the information about the value-based business model. They'll learn how to move out of the dollars-for-hours model and into working in a model that allows them to make money from their value (experience, expertise, etc), not just time.

Resource: Top 5 Strategies to Land More Clients and Generate More Income – Fast, Easy and at No-Cost!
In this audio and report you’ll learn: (a)What you’re missing that’s right in front of you that will increase your revenues. (b) What one simple thing you should be doing regularly that will keep a steady flow of clients in your business. (c) Which group of people are waiting to work with you. (d) What effective strategy to use for regular (and not your usual!) follow-up. (e) How you’re letting prospects slip through your fingers.


Title: Case Study: How to Attract $35,000+ in High End Clients from Twitter - Presenter:  Mande White - Track 1, 2, 3

Learn how to set yourself up for success with the proper foundation that will keep you on track for reaching your income goals and significantly reduce overwhelm. Discover the simple tricks to building a profitable following on Twitter. This seminar will show how to claim your divine expertise and attract ideal clients, create content they crave, and fill your marketing funnel.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits:  Simple tricks to build a profitable following on Twitter.

Resource: Simple 4 Step Blueprint for Profitable Action


Title: Strategies, Tactics and Attracting New Business on a Shoestring Budget - Presenter: Sharon Williams - Track 1, 2

Some business owners confuse marketing strategy and tactics with goals and objectives; or even worse, can not differentiate between their purposes in an overall marketing plan.  In this 2 hour session, Ms. Williams will clearly differentiate these elements and provide a wide range of suggested ways to attract new business without busting your wallet.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits:

  • Attendees will walk away understanding the meaning of and role of four important elements of a marketing plan.
  • A comprehensive list of no cost/low cost marketing ideas
  • Framework of a marketing calendar that can be implemented immediately

Resources: Monthly Marketing Calendar


Title: Creating a Business Plan - Presenter: Sharon Williams - Track 1

Creating a business plan pays off in a significant increase in clarity and a better shot at creating or expanding a successful company. It helps you think strategically about the road ahead and enables you to adapt to whatever conditions that may occur. In this 3 hour session, attendees will be able to consider practical and realistic goals, make some tough choices and develop an intelligent framework for action.

Presentation Objectives/Benefits: Participants will develop the framework of a business plan that makes logical sense and allows you to think long term, sharpen your decision-making process and give your business an intelligent basis for growth.

Resources: Business Plan Development Workbook