Janet Jordan Achievement Award Eligibility Criteria

This award is to honor a newcomer to the Virtual Assistant industry who has been in business for less than 5 years and has reached a milestone in their business. This milestone should represent an accomplishment that has helped boost their new business toward being an overwhelming success.

Nominee Process:

  1. Virtual Assistant is nominated by one or more associates/clients by April 5, 2013 (emailed to nominations@oivac.com)
  2. Virtual Assistant is requested to complete a questionnaire about themselves and their business by May 6, 2013 (emailed to nominations@oivac.com)
  3. Virtual Assistant nominee is requested to include with their Award Submission, the following by May 6, 2013:
    1. input/testimonial from one or more clients.
    2. headshot for use on the OIVAC website and in media campaigns
    3. company logo for use on the OIVAC website and in media campaigns.
  4. All submissions will be forwarded to the Judging Panel and reviewed. Award recipient will be judged based on the nomination information, profile, client testimonials, and the milestone they have reached in their short career.
  5. Recipient will be notified, by phone and email, of winning the award by May 15, 2013.


  1. Open to any Virtual Assistant located around the world with less than 5 years as a business in the Virtual Assistant industry.
  2. Winner and client must agree to allow a member of the IVAD Award Selection Committee to contact them for further information, if required.
  3. VA must provide a significant portion of their service offering virtually/remotely.
  4. Previous recipients of this award not eligible.
  5. Members of the OIVAC Steering Committee and Judging Panel not eligible


  1. Proven passion and desire to build a successful VA practice and contribute to the success of the VA industry now/or in the future.
  2. Winner MUST be available to attend the virtual award ceremony on Friday, May 17th  from 5:00 to 7:00 pm EDT during the IVADay events (details to follow).
  3. Submissions by nominated VA must be in a professional format using company letterhead and converted to PDF format.

Judging Panel

The OIVAC Judging Panel for the Janet Jordan Achievement Award consists of experienced Virtual Assistants from around the world. Judging Panel Decisions are final.

Award Recipient will receive:

  1. Physical Award for their desk/office
  2. Graphic Award for use on marketing material and website
  3. Certificate of accomplishment for printing
  4. Inclusion in a media campaign featuring award winners
  5. Various donated prizes
Janet Jordon Achievement Award

Word Doc

Download Eligibility Criteria Please email the nomination form in Word or PDF version back to: nominations@oivac.com.